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Plastic Pollution

Plastic waste is clogging landfills, sullying cityscapes, fouling oceans with massive debris fields and killing sea creatures that ingest everything from discarded fishing equipment to disposable food containers. The problem has become so acute that plastic could outweigh ocean fish by 2050. The crisis threatens not only wildlife but also human health, as plastic breaks down into microscopic pieces that enter the global food chain.
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World War II ‘flying fortress’ visits the Manassas airport

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Opioids are a ‘huge’ problem in Prince William: Resources and training are available to combat the epidemic

The somber message from everyone involved with the drug epidemic resonated clearly: Opioid addiction continues to be a growing problem in the Prince William County area that cuts across all demographic distinctions, costing lives and wreaking havoc in its wake. More than 80 people gathered Nov. 17 at the Manassas Park Community Center to assess the scope of the current opioid crisis as well as ways to combat it.
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Non-Profits Celebrated for Giving Back to the Community

The crowd on hand to honor this year’s winners of the Prince William Living “Giving Back Award” represented the best local nonprofit organizations working to improve the quality of life in their communities. Three organizations, with a common mission of serving those in need, were recognized during the event.
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Employee Recognition Generates Amazing ROI

When it comes to improving your workplace culture, sometimes there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. All you need to do is put that wheel to work for you, particularly when it comes to employee recognition. Take a look at Google, for instance, which uses an employee recognition and rewards program to retain its high-caliber talent.
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The Fight Over Net Neutrality

Advocates of an unfettered internet are fighting to restore Obama-era regulations requiring Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and other internet service providers (ISPs) to treat all internet traffic equally in terms of speed, access and cost. The so-called net neutrality rules, instituted in 2015 when Democrats controlled the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), were repealed in December 2017 after Republicans regained control of the agency.
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How a citizens’ group could end gerrymandering in Virginia

Brian Cannon has put more than 23,000 miles on his tan Tacoma pickup truck traveling around most of Virginia’s 99 counties, preaching the gospel of redistricting reform. It’s not the kind of headline-grabbing topic that naturally lends itself to the level of grassroots engagement needed to foment political change.
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Future of Marriage

Americans, especially young adults, are less likely than ever to see marriage as essential for a happy, fulfilled life. Women's increasing economic and social independence and the country's growing tolerance for nontraditional lifestyles have led many young people to rank matrimony behind such goals as an advanced degree or better job.
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How To Recruit Top Talent And Boost Employee Engagement: Learn 7 Strategies From a Recruiting Master

In a competitive and evolving business climate, the best organizations constantly seek ways to recruit and retain the kind of employees that give them a successful edge. But if you don’t have the resources of Apple or Google at your disposal, how can your company adapt their strategies so you can win the war for talent?
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Cortona on the Move: IMAGEnations

The annual Cortona on the Move international photography festival, which opened July 13 and continues through October 1, features hundreds of images of the people and issues that define cultures around the globe, aimed at generating both reflection and debate.
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Redistricting Showdown

The Supreme Court has long rejected legislative districts drawn to give one racial or ethnic group an advantage in state and federal elections. But the court has never set standards for deciding when districts drawn explicitly for partisan political purposes are unconstitutional. That could soon change as the court prepares to hear a potentially landmark Wisconsin redistricting case this fall. At stake is the balance of power in state legislatures and the right to draw the next set of congressional boundaries, based on the 2020 census.
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Max Weinberg returns to adopted Tuscan hometown

Springsteen drummer to play during Cortona Mix
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